Howler Monkey


1. The mammal I chose to study is:
howler monkey

2. The common name of my mammal is:
howler monkey

3. The classification of my mammal:
Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: mammalia
Family: atelidae
Genus: alouattinae
Species: pygmeas

4. What are some of the animal’s physical adaptations to its environment?
a howler monkeys physical adaption to its environment are the males they have adapted a hyode bone, which makes their voice deep.

5. What are some of the organism’s behavioral adaptations to its environment?
a howler monkeys behavioral adaption is they can howl as loud as till loud as 3 miles away and their loud howl helps mark their territory from other monkeys.

6. What is the role of your organism in the food chain? Be specific about role as a producer, consumer or decomposer. If a consumer, then describe the food preferences, like herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.
howler monkey are primates, consumers and herbivores.

7. Describe the biome where this organism lives.
howler monkeys lives in rain forests, a rain forest is a largely populated forest full of life with animals and plants, rain forests are so full of life plants grow on each other. There is usually humidity or rain in rain forests.

8. Discuss the status of the species. Is it plentiful, threatened, endangered or extinct?
Howler monkeys are threatened species, because of habitat destruction.

9. How do humans impact your organism? (Hot Tip: Think of the HIPPO dilemma – handout)
Humans impact howler monkeys because human cut down rain forests, it impacts howler monkeys because they lose their habitats and they don't have as much free space to move around in.

10. Identify the place(s) on the map where your organism lives. Color in the map accordingly
11. Amazing facts:
howler monkeys only live in rain forests in south America and there have been identified 18 different species of howler monkeys, the male howler monkey has adapted a hyode bone so that the male can mark its territory. Howler monkeys are the loudest animals in the new world.


Howler monkey legend

one rainless day in the South American rain forest a baby howler monkey was born.
Ten years later that same howler monkey was known for ruling the South American rain forest, every animal in the world had heard about him.
His name was Joe,
but one day Joe's mother passed away and he did not know what to do with her remains, he thought and thought and just could not think of something to think so he just decided to leave his mother remains in the moon light. Two months later Joe and his friends were on a one week trip to the northern tip of Argentina when they returned there was a gorilla making himself comfortable in Joe’s tree. Joe then started throwing acorns at the gorilla; the gorilla jumped out of the tree and dislocated Joe’s shoulder. The gorilla then stared at Joe and Joe started to scream and pulled out the gorilla’s teeth.

Joe was then knocked out then choked.