Myrmecophaga tridactyla Animealia Phylum:external image anteater1.jpgChordataClass:MammaliaFamily:MyrmecophagidaeGenus: Myrmecophaga Species: tridactyla 4. What are some of the animal’s physical adaptations to its environment? It has a very long snout to reach into ant hills. 5. What are some of the organism’s behavioral adaptations to its environment? It walks on its knuckles in order to protect its claws. anteater.jpg6. What is the role of your organism in the food chain? Be specific about role as a producer, consumer or decomposer. If a consumer, then describe the food preferences, like herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. The Giant Anteater is a carnivore and consumer it eats ants, temites, and soft bodied grubs. 7. Describe the biome where this organism lives. the Giant Anteater lives in the grasslands, deciduous forests, and rain forests of South America 8. Discuss the status of the species. Is it plentiful, threatened, endangered or extinct? this is a species not necessarily threatened to extinction but one that should be controlled in trade to avoid overuse 9. How do humans impact your organism? (Hot Tip: Think of the HIPPO dilemma – handout) humans impact this animal by destroying habitat and car collisions. 10. Identify the place(s) on the map where your organism lives. Color in the map legend

The Monkeys and the Anteaters
Conrad Diao

Once upon a time there was an anteater named Frank. Now back then monkeys ruled the world. Not only did they have opposable thumbs but they were GIANT!!!!!! Now the monkeys were always making fun of the anteaters around because the anteaters because they were so clumsy but still so small. So one day all of the anteaters decided to attack the monkey capital called MonkeyManiaMadnessManMuchoMomyMotownMamaMa’am and the leader of this attack was Frank. The anteaters waited till dawn when the sun was in their enemies’ eyes. Then they struck wit such ferocity that the walls of MonkeyManiaMadnessManMuchoMomyMotownMamaMa’am fell to the ground the monkeys instantly got theirs arrows and spears but thay had time only to hit several anteaters. One of which was Frank, he lay there not bleeding or dying but with a punctured tail. Right at the base of the tail was a huge bump. Now after the victory the other monkey towns heard of this attack and took up arms against the entire anteater population. The anteats were nearly wiped out of that region because of this. After several days frank got up he was HUGE he had swelled fro the cut now the monkeys had nothing to laugh about and were scared witless of the anteaters and it may sound silly but the anteaters and the monkeys are worst enemys.

Comment: Mucho bueno hombre.