Camel by Hayden Rodriguez

1. The mammal I chose to study is: the camel

2. The common name of my mammal is:
3. The classification of my mammal:
Kingdom: animalia
Class: Mammalia
Family: Artiodactylaclip_image002.jpg
Genus: Camelidea
Species: C. dromedarius

4. What are some of the animal’s physical adaptations to its environment?
For every 1g of fat it produces 1 gallon of water

5. What are some of the organism’s behavioral adaptations to its environment?
the humps on the back can be used for insulation.

7. Describe the biome where this organism lives.
a dessert hot weather little water also their region is near egypt and sudi arabia

8. Discuss the status of the species. Is it plentiful, threatened, endangered or extinct?
the camel is stable in the wild but over populating in the wild.

9. How do humans impact your organism? (Hot Tip: Think of the HIPPO dilemma – handout)
Humans use their fur, milk, meat, wool, leather and dung for fuel

10. Identify the place(s) on the map where your organism lives. Color in the map accordingly.

a desert is a areathat receives less than 25centimeters of rain a year. The camel lives in the middle east, china, mongolia and australia.

11. Amazing facts:
Camels can run up to 40 mph for a short amount of time but can sustain speed at 25 mph. The camel is related to the llama. They also have been used for military uses for the English.

I love kitties. Good job with this I learned that camels can run 40 mph!
Sincerely, Kirk

12. Bibliography