1. The mammal I chose to study is: Giraffe

2. The common name of my mammal is:Giraffe

3. The classification of my mammal:
Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: chordata
Class: Mammalia

Family: Giraffidae
Genus: Giraffa
Species: camelepardalis

4. What are some of the animal’s physical adaptations to its environment? The Giraffe's physical adaptation is that it has a long neck to reach in the tall trees to eat the leaves.

5. What are some of the organism’s behavioral adaptations to its environment? The Giraffe is
actually aggressive during mating season. The horns on the male Giraffe's head is actually for combat for a mate. The giraffes are kind animals unless it comes to mating.It will accept hand held food from peop

6. What is the role of your organism in the food chain? Be specific about role as a producer, consumer or decomposer. If a consumer, then describe the food preferences, like herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. The Giraffe is a consumer and it is a herbivore it like to eat the acacia tree.


7. Describe the biome where this organism lives. the Giraffe lives in the savannas.The savanna gets 120 centimeters of rain each year. Scattered shrubs and short trees grow along the savanna along with the grass. All the animals that live there to keep the trees from growing by eating their Sprouts before they turn into trees. The savanna is quite cooler than the desert and the wind carries a bit of dirt which heats from the sun and that makes it healthy. The savannas are usually next to or near the equator. Since the savanna does not get to much rain there are tons of flash fires that a cure and it helps take away the things that are dead and helps plants that live there spread seeds.

8. Discuss the status of the species. Is it plentiful, threatened, endangered or extinct? The Giraffe is not threatened but hunting and raising them on farms are prohibited. Hunters or poachers kill them for their horns. I am sorry but i could not find information on what the pochers use the horns for.

9. How do humans impact your organism? (Hot Tip: Think of the HIPPO dilemma – handout)
Hunting is mostly what impacts the Giraffes.The threat to the Giraffes are actually unknown. Further research is being done to find out what impact we are haveing on them and other things that are impacting them. The Giraffe maybe in a stable rate but it is still being over consumed by other people. The giraffe some day may be endangered by being killed from other disasters that can a cure.

10. Identify the place(s) on the map where your organism lives. Color in the map accordingly. alexo.jpg

11. Amazing facts: The little horns on the giraffe seems of no use but it is actually used to fight for a mate. The older the Giraffe gets the more little horns they get. Same can even grow up to 5! The Giraffe's tung is black.Scientist think it is black to protect its tung from the sun because it is out for so long while eating. Giraffes are the few animals that uses its front leg to run and walk.Giraffes barly sit or lay down! They sleep,eat,drink,and even give birth standing up! Giraffes are the few animals that are born with horns! When the baby giraffe is born it falls head first 6 feet of the ground and it hits its is the same proses as when human babies are born the doctore spanks the baby to help it start to breath.The giraffe is compleatly defenceless wile it drinks water so constant alert checks are needed to find preditores that will eat them.

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13. Giraffe poem:
O'd to my Giraffe your nek so long and thin you can reach up hight but can you reach down low. You nuchure your young like its your life.O pokadotted and spoted i dont care the difference becouse you are my Giraffe.My giraffe nuchures the ground as it reaches the bends down to see the sea.The animals look up to see him.when you see him you would think a giraffe.