Golden Bamboo Lemur

1. The mammal I chose to study is:
Hapalemur aureus
2. The common name of my mammal is:
3. The classification of my mammal:
Phylum: chordata
Class: vertabrata
Genus: Hapalemur
Species: aureus
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4. What are some of the animal’s physical adaptations to its environment?
The Golden bamboo lemur's tail is about 9-13 in. long and the body it's self without including the tail is 11-18 in. long. One of the tail's uses is for hanging off trees.
The golden bamboo lemur has thick fur to stay warm because it stays in the rain forest.

5. What are some of the organism’s behavioral adaptations to its environment?
A single lemur travels less than 400m per day to stay with it's group or stay in its environment .
The golden lemur is crepuscular and sometime nocturnal so they can avoid predators.

6. What is the role of your organism in the food chain? Be specific about role as a producer, consumer or decomposer. If a consumer, then describe the food preferences, like herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

The golden bamboo lemur is a consumer. It eats bamboo and the lemur is therefore a herbivore. They eat very little fruit, and barely eats stuff that is not bamboo mainly mushrooms in the soil.

7. Describe the biome where this organism lives.
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The golden bamboo lemur lives in mid-altitude rain forest biome. It mainly lives in Madagascar, and the other Indian ocean islands. Rain forests are usually near the equator.
Rain forests are very warm and humid. Rain Forest get about 50 to 260 inches of rain yearly.

8. Discuss the status of the species. Is it plentiful, threatened, endangered or extinct?
The golden bamboo lemur in critically endangered in Madagascar because of habitat loss.

9. How do humans impact your organism? (Hot Tip: Think of the HIPPO dilemma – handout)
Humans impact the golden bamboo lemur in a negative way because of too much habitat loss due to agriculture, The land is being used for farming and mining and the trees are cut down for paper.

10. Identify the place(s) on the map where your organism lives. Color in the map accordingly.

11. Amazing facts:
The golden bamboo lemur has a very specialized diet. It is one animal out of a handful of animals that eat bamboo such as pandas and red pandas and mountain gorillas A female golden bamboo lemur has an infant every year. The average adult golden lemur weighs about 5 pounds.
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